UpToDate webináriumok február 7-én, 8-án és 9-én

UpToDate: The standard for evidence-based clinical decisions

We cordially invite you to participate in this webinar, to provide an in-depth overview of the functions of UpToDate. 
Date and times: 
02/07/2023 (Tuesday) 10:00-10:50 A.M
02/08/2023 (Wednesday) 3:00-3:50 P.M.
02/09/2023 (Thursday) 11:00-11:50 A.M.
Type: Online event (webinar), joining links below
Description of the event: 
In this training event, Sebastian Meister Customer Success Specialist (DACH) is going to provide you with an in-depth overview of the functionality, features and usage of the system in order to allow you to maximise the efficiency and confidence of using UpToDate to provide the best care everywhere. 

UpToDate is the most trusted evidence-based clinical decision support resource at the point of care.
More than 100 studies concur: patients receive better care when clinicians use UpToDate. Healthcare professionals around the world turn to UpToDate to answer even the most complex questions.
Learn how access to evidence-based clinical decision support improves healthcare outcomes.

Studies show access can change diagnostic and treatment decisions for 1 in every 5 patients, by answering clinicians questions - 60% of which would otherwise go unanswered.
Researchers at Singapore’s National University Hospital found that use of UpToDate led to a change in investigations, diagnosis or management 37% of the time.
At a hospital in Japan, the diagnostic error rate for patients seen by physicians using UpToDate was 2%, whereas the rate was 24% for patients seen by clinicians without UpToDate.
Researchers at Harvard University concluded that, at more than 1,000 hospitals studied over a three-year period, use of UpToDate was associated with improved quality of care for every condition on the Hospital Quality Alliance Metrics and an estimated 372,000 hospital days saved per year.
Clinicians around the world trust UpToDate as their go-to, must-have evidence-based clinical decision support resource to help them make smart, safe patient care decisions.

See how UpToDate helps medical professionals deliver better care, improves patient and job satisfaction, and delivers ROI.

Learn about UpToDate and much more during our meeting.
We recommend this webinar to Clinical Professionals Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists, Medical Students, Librarians and Lecturers. 
New users and anyone who is interested in UpToDate is welcome to participate. 
If time allows, there will be a questions & answers part of the webinar. 
The event is free and we do not require pre-registration
The language of the event is English
Joining info: 
07/02/2023 10:50am Link to join ID: 275 078 322 349, passcode:vT3LMn
08/02/2023 3pm Link to join ID: 274 507 304 46, passcode:jsrLE5
09/02/2023 11am Link to join ID: 233 874 047 514, passcode:BJZqfc