8.4 The Orava river gorge at Bysterec

Pencil, watercolour on paper, 276 x 286 mm
Inscribed at bottom middle: Bilstricski; at bottom right: 51. - Verso: Rocky landscape. Sketch in pencil.
Inscribed on the backing at bottom left: Árva folyó általtörése Biszternicz mellett
MTA Könyvtára, Kézirattár, Ms 4409/85

Map: II

Vel'ký and Malý Bysterec are neighbouring villages in the Orava valley; today both belong to Dolný Kubín. Along the river in the narrow valley, there is a road at the base of the cliffs. Although the artist deliberately used the paper's colour to render the whiteness of the cliffs, other such blank spaces, like those of the road, the supporting wall, and the stones dispersed along the riverbed, reveal that the picture was left unfinished. - The sketch on the verso depicts a landscape full of rocks and stones. - For information on Orava river, see: