Abbreviations and symbols

Among the data of the pictures

Signed - the picture is signed by the artist
(not signed) - this is noted only if there is no inscription on the picture or its verso and no picture on the verso
MTA - Hungarian Academy of Sciences
MTAK - Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
MTA Könyvtára, Kézirattár - Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books
I-IV - number of the map
X - the survey map
(I) - the number of the map is in parentheses if the place lies on the area of the map but its name is not indicated

In references to the Bibliography

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On the maps

circle - town, village, castle or ruin
black dot - town included in the map for the sake of orientation but not depicted in any of the watercolours


The meaning of some common nouns in Slovakian or Polish (PL) geographical names

dolina - valley
hol'a - alpine meadow
hrad - castle, fortress
hrebeň - ridge
hrot - peak
kopec - hill
kotlina - combe, basin
pleso - tarn
pol'ana - clearing
potok - stream
rieka - river
sedlo - saddle
staw (PL) - tarn
štít - peak
veža - tower
vodopád - waterfall
vrch - mountain